Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Well, it has been a time ago since we wrote something about our project. A lot of things happend and changed in that time. First, we are working on our design, on the visual part of the game. We had several graphical tests, to check our abilities and do see what's possible. Also, we did a lot of art, to understand how to game will look like. Concepts are the key to deliver a good product. First thing we want to show you is our box art.
Of course this is only a sketch in the early state of creating our project. We are sure we will change it by the time we launch Above Us online, but it's something. For us it's the first cover. Maybe we'll use it in the future. Original art is made by Daniel, final editing by Arthur. 
Let's move on. We were playing with the materials, graphics and that kinda stuff. We tested it on a bike we made.

Well, it's a test. Who knows, maybe we use it :)
We also did work on the menu and inside game interface. We want to make it easy to use, but also that it looks attractive. So here we go:
That's the HUD. It includes not the basic features like the radar and the bars. We also putted a clock in there. You can see the time by those circles above the radar. It shows 12 'o clock. 
An earlier design. We decided not to use it
Base female costume. The idea is that you can put armor on it.
One of the skybox testes...
And last but not least, some arts for the maps