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  1. hey guys i was wondering do u take request because i would love the new batplane THE BAT as a hydra replacement ive seen your work with the tumbler and fell in love with it and just thought you would be the best for the bat ty =)

    1. How about the Mach 5 that would be awesome. You are an awesome love your Batman stuff. I thought you would be awesome for the Speed Racer's Mach 5 what do you think

  2. Yeah, we CAN do that. But I don't promise anything

    1. Эй, человек вы очень хорошо при моделировании я хотел бы спросить вас, могу ли я модель? ожидание ответа!

  3. Hi beautiful work, you are the best! it!
    you could do the Rambo,Cole macgrath, or Ash williams evil dead?
    already have over 3 years looking for these skins, you can do?

  4. THE BAT !!!!! everyone loves it !! please start making it after ur current project!!!

  5. U guys r awesome AnD KeeP up D Gr8 work i saw the above comments and agree wid them .... Could u pls make THE BAT vehicle for GTA SA !! It would be greatly appreciated..! also if possible can u please make the skin of batman from the movie THE DARK KNIGHT RISES(or any other nolan's batman)..!! would love to play with it in the game...Thanks and Regards in advance!

  6. PLS PLS PLS make THE BAT and the Batman skin!!! plsplsplspsl!!!!! and love u guys fr ur gr8 work!!

  7. hey you rock! i'm a huge fan of your work. downloaded almost every mod of yours and appreciate your work. I just had a small request if you guys don't mind. Could you make a low poly version of the tumbler? the same one but with low poly! thanks! hope to hear from you soon

  8. I AGree with andy...... JUST LOVE YOUR WORK ...The Tumbler And Batpod Were just SUPERB!!!..

  9. i see your works, & I LOVE THEM ALL! you're one of the best GTASA's modder in this earth!
    and can you make Skrillex peds model please?

  10. Hi Daniel,you are the best GTA SA modder.You guys keep the good work :) Please make the skin of Machiko Noguchi - human female predator for GTA SA. Picture:
    I hope You like my Idea :D Would be amazing!!!

  11. Pls make cn u make dis fr us!!! pls pls pls!!,r:10,s:0,i:184

  12. hi! I could Lollipop Chainsaw - Full Skins Pack and The Amazing Spider-Man Full Skins Pack reproduced to GTABBS!?

  13. Can you make the Alucard's guns from Hellsing, please?

  14. Эй,челы! Вас убить?

  15. Hi, your creations are very good, and i really appreciate you posting them. I just have one question, when I download your files and I do a virus scan. They show up as a gamepass problem risk is low but I still don't like it. Any solutions? P.S. I am not accusing you of putting them there. Many times files passed through the internet can get infected somehow. Computers are cvery complex. Well I Guess you know that. Either way thanks for the mods. Totally Bitchin!
    P.S. I saw the predator mod you should check out PREDATOR Redub by sequential films. Theres an Alien one too.

  16. Man, your creations are awesome. Would you mind me if i ask you to do a Kate Beckinsale model, in an executive suit, long hair and no necklaces or collars; for GTA SA? I'm currently making a 007 film inside GTA, and i need Kate Beckinsale for that. Could you make it for me, Please? I'll credit you in the ending and opening credits!

  17. hi,your blog is AMAZING.Can i request something :D this .if you make snake eyes skin and his sword ,surely the result looks very good :D

  18. Hey buddy, ever thought about making the characters of Kick-Ass 2?

  19. I there, I've been watching your work for some time and I think i'ts really cool.
    I was also wondering if you take requests, if yes, could you make some bad guys from The Amazing Spider Man game like the Lizard and the Rhino.


  20. Hi, you had a question you of you have the skins of the Shadow ranger, Mystic force white and finally spirit rangers? the skins of power rangers

  21. hi, i hope you can make the light jet from tron legacy
    that would be really awesome
    also your mods are cool like the tron bike

  22. Hi! Can you rig Crash Bandicoot and put it into GTA? It would be so awesome! The best GTA skin ever, haha! There is already a Crash model, but is terrible made and terrible rigged...

    This is the link in case you are interested:

  23. hi, i just wanted to ask if you wouldnt mind converting the other characters from the batman begins game to gta san andreas for me as i need them for my batman mod, also there is no time limit, as there are a lot of them to be converted, i know you have converted some already, but the rest is needed for my mod, and if you wish i can rig them myself if you dont want to do so, i simply need the models and textures, however if you would rig them then that would be nice too, but atleast the models and textures so i can rig them if you dont want to, but thats up to you, anyways just let me know, ive listed the peds below, its all known peds as i watched a walkthrough for the game and the hall of fear feature, but anyways just let me know once you decide, i also sent you an email as well, my email is, you can get back to me there or here or both, i also sent one on skype but just ignore that, anyways thanks and peace

    batman begins peds:

    batman demon
    bruce wayne tuxedo clean and dirty
    alfred pennyworth
    henri ducard league of shadows ninja suit
    henri ducard regular suit
    ras al ghul
    league of shadows ninja
    league of shadows asian prisoner
    rachel dawes
    carmine falcone
    carmine falcones consigliere
    doctor jonathan crane without scarecrow mask
    doctor jonathan crane with scarecrow mask
    lucius fox
    victor zsasz
    detective arnold flass
    carmine falcones thugs
    doctor jonathan cranes/scarecrows thugs
    black market club carmine falcones thugs
    arkham asylum inmates
    walter pfister carmine falcones thug and police informant
    detective james gordon
    arkham asylum doctor emma thomas
    black market club security guard
    police officers
    swat team officers
    black market club car mechanic thug
    arkham asylum helicopter pilot
    jackson eckhouse esquire and carmine falcones lawyer
    marvin walker carmine falcones thug
    lee bascomb carmine falcones thug
    paul ryker carmine falcones thug
    lungtaen pem league of shadows ninja
    sergent robert hardey police officer and carmine falcones thug
    andrew grieves arkham asylum inmate
    paul jennings carmine falcones thug
    ugyen norbu league of shadows ninja
    robert burke carmine falcones thug and doctor jonathan cranes/scarecrows thug

    1. also i go by knightprowl, and this is not the previous person who used anonymous that has been bothering and bugging you about the batman and other related things that the person who used anonymous, so i apologize if i confused you, i can understand the whole bugging and bothering aspect of modding, ive done it myself and ive had it done to me, but i try to not be a bother, and ive asked this once before but with no reply, and i know you cant accept every request, even ones that are smaller then mine, however i am hoping you will do this for me, as it is for my batman mod and it would be nice to have all these peds in the game, as theres not many people who can convert models and textures from consoles, and i know its asking a lot because its a lot of peds, but it will be worth it in the end, plus your a fellow batman fan and im sure you would love to see a great batman mod with great models and textures for peds and maps and vehicles and weapons and etc, and thats what my plan is, and every little bit of help is needed to be able to do that, and besides that as i said above there is no hurry, you can convert them in your free time when you have time to do so, and you will be fully credited for the converting and rigging of the models and textures if you choose to do that as well, but if not then atleast converting the models and textures so that i can rig them myself, but only if you dont wish to rig them as well, but thats up to you, but i would hope you would atleast convert the models and textures so i can rig them myself, but anyways just let me know by replying here or by email or both, and again my email is, anyways thanks and peace

  24. hi, please delete my messages and ignore my emails, ive decided to not make my mod, so please ignore my messages and delete my messages, thanks and peace

  25. are you going to do any more DOA???

  26. Hey there!! Firstly i really appreciate the efforts you have put into making these awesome mods!! they are flawless!! and i guess like many others, my favourite mod is "the dark knight" ... Jst for the sake of curiosity, can you tell me how much time have you put into that mod?? I am really surprised to see the details on "the" vehicles! Hats off to you!